On to Coober Pedy (with a few stops on the way)

We left Port Augusta quite early for what was going to be a long drive. First stop was the town of Woomera where the famous rocket test range is, I can remember as boy in primary school reading about the exciting things they were doing in Woomera, they even launched a satellite from there. The history of Woomera is all around with many displays of rockets, missiles and jets in various historical parks around town.

Woomera Sign
The sign that greets you at Woomera, complete with missile launcher in case you’re unaware of what they do here
Meteor Jet
An old Meteor jet sits in the historic park
Rocket Park
Rocket park at Woomera, spent hours here looking at all of the displays.

When I finally got dragged away from Woomera we headed north, the most disappointing thing about travelling distances in South Australia was the lack of shade and rest rooms, a few bush excursions were required. We came across Lake Hart which is is a dried salt lake at the moment. Lea and I ventured down and had a look.

Lake Hart
The colours of the scenery were in stark contrast to the white of the salt on the lake. It seemed to go on forever.
Lake Hart track
A soft sand track leads away into the distance and an old burnt out wreck stands guard on the track.
Lake Hart
I found the white lake against the brilliant blue sky quite breathtaking.

Next stop Coober Pedy