Port Augusta – Resting up for the Centre

It was nice to have an easy day after the long drive from Menindee. Once we passed the quarantine inspection point in South Australia we saw some amazing country, the Flinders Ranges are spectacular.

South Australia Border
And into South Australia
Giant Red Gum
There was a sign that said “Giant Red Gum” so we turned the corner and had a look. Pretty Big, 500 years old, pretty amazing.
Giant Red Gum
We stood in front to give a size comparison.

Today was all about relaxing with no particular agenda. It was a good day for some laundry and shopping and general loafing around. We did head out for a look around in the afternoon had a fantastic time. It always pays to get away from the usual sights, you never know what you’ll discover. Tomorrow we head off to Coober Pedy.

Port Augusta Bridge
This is the Joy Baluch AM Bridge, it crosses Spencer’s Gulf and is probably the most iconic sight in Port Augusta
Old Barge
Before the bridges were built the only way across was on a barge, the remains of the last barge used lies decaying near the sight of the new bridge.
Metal Flags
I found these metal flags on the esplanade, I really liked the look of the and how each one represents an element of what makes Port Augusta tick
off road
We followed the gulf and went off road to do a bit of an explore…
We wandered onto the coastal plain for about 5 minutes when a flock of wild budgerigars took off right in front of us, it was amazing. I followed them and finally managed to get this shot.
Beach Shacks
This area is famous for beach shacks, some more elaborate than others