Mt Grenfell and Broken Hill

What a day! Lea and I are exhausted from a huge day in Broken Hill, what an interesting place with spectacular surrounds. We arrived yesterday after travelling from Bourke some 620 km with a 40km detour to Mt Grenfell (near  Cobar) so see some Aboriginal rock art, it was well worth visiting.

Ngiyampaa walkabout sign
Ngiyampaa walkabout, the track leading to the rock art and interesting rock formations.
Rock art
The ancient rock art was found beneath a ledge, the photo doesn’t do it justice, there are depictions of dancing, emus, kangaroos and hands. I wish there was a description detailing what was presented but very interesting just the same.
A lovely waterhole on the track, I just had to stop and take a photo.

Broken Hill awaits

Well it might seem weird but our first destination was the Broken Hill Cemetery, we’ve always found cemeteries as a great source of local history and the larger ones have tour maps pointing out the interesting residents. Broken Hill was no exception, we walked around this large cemetery for an hour and a half following the guide. We saw Pro Harts grave and many notable locals, so very interesting.

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story…

Pro Hart Gallery
Pro Hart’s Galler is a must do, some truly exceptional paintings and a interesting documentary tell the story of this great artist. We found it captivating.
Bell's Milk Bar 1
We heard about this authentic 1950s style milk bar and decided to investigate, wow talk about time warp, have a look at the next photo.
Bell's Cafe 2
This is the inside of Bell’s Milk Bar, straight from the set of Happy Days with the jukebox blasting out “Get a Job”. They serve really good coffee and lemon meringue pie.
Broken Hill Trades Hall
On to a walk around town, there is some beautiful old buildings like the old Trades Hall
Living Sculptures
Last activity was to see the living sculptures and sunset, pretty amazing to see a desert sunset amongst the sculptures.
No words needed for this beautiful sunset.