And on to Bourke

Nothing like listening to John Williamson on the road and hearing a song about a town you’ve just visited, this was the case with Lightning Ridge, gee Johno knows how to tell the tale and get it right. Well long drops (toilets) and rest areas are non existent between Walget and Bourke so we pulled over past a bridge over a billabong and tried our instant canteen set up, total success. The spot was a great photo opportunity…

Lunch spot
Our lunch spot with Lea hard at it getting lunch. Thanks to the drawers and the new spot for the table it was an easy process and we were talking to each other when we left 😉
I loved the look of this tree (the model doesn’t look too bad either 🙂
daisies at the billabong
I think we’re seeing this country at it’s best after the June and July rains, here’s some pretty daisies near the billabong we stopped at

We arrived at Bourke mid afternoon and found our digs at Kidman’s Camp, what a great place. If you stay here don’t miss Poetry on a Plate, a great meal around the camp fire and some wonderful poetry accompanied on guitar. Truly an awesome way to relax at the end of the day. Here are some pics of our stay in Bourke, tomorrow we travel to Broken Hill.

Kidman's Camp Cabins
Our Cabin and the setting sun, the sky was amazing
Darling River
The beautiful Darling River at Bourke, I spent quite a while looking at this scene.
Billabong at Kidman's Camp
Ah the serenity, a billabong at Kidman’s Camp
sunrise at Kidman's Camp
Sunrise from our cabin, bliss!
Back o Bourke exhibition Centre
The Back O’ Bourke Exhibition Centre has some interesting displays and history about the region.
Bourke Crown Land office
I loved the look of the old Crown Land Office
Yabbie trap prep
Getting the Yabbie traps ready whilst the security goose honks away at me
One lonely yabbie caught, a nice size but we let him go (lucky yabbie). We’ll try again at Menindee
Jandra river cruise
A river cruise on the Jandra was a relaxing way to end the day.