Nearly ready – one more sleep

Our Mitsi
Our Chariot – a Mitsubishi Challenger 2.5L TDI.

One more day to go and it’s time to pack the wagon. Our test run to Mount Isa taught us a lot on what to and not to take plus, how to set the back up for convenience.  We always stopped to make lunch when we were travelling, the Waeco CFX 40 fridge is was great keeping everything cool and fresh but our plates, cutlery and every thing else we needed were in stackable plastic crates that required the back to get unpacked every time we needed something. What a pain in the A$%e.

This time we purchased some cheap plastic drawers that can hold the FUEs (Frequently Used Essentials) and are easy to open leaving everything in place. If they only last one trip they’ll be worth it. I still have one stackable crate for camping gear which we’ll only need to set up camp and the rest of the camping gear is up on the roof rack inside a waterproof rack bag. We’ll only need to get at this when we stop to camp which is only 2 times and the rest we’ll stay in cabin parks.

Packing up
Packing nearly done, you can see the drawer unit on the left and the Waeco fridge on the right.

Just have to load the clothes and we’re ready – Early night for a 5:30 am departure to Lightning Ridge.