A new beginning for the old blog!

Joe and Lea at Porcupine Gorge
Joe and Lea at Porcupine Gorge – July 2015
Trip map
Our route during September – 2015

Welcome to the new rubio.id.au blog! The original blogsite was our way of journaling our travels around Australia, I made my last post in 2009 when I started using Facebook to share our adventures.

Lea and I are about to embark on a 1 month Journey for our home in the Moreton Region travelling through Western NSW, South Australia, the Northern Territory then via Mt Isa and Townsville back home. It’s an exciting trip and I felt I should do more than post some pics on FB.

So here’s the new blog, it’s not just for this trip but other odds and ends that might prove interesting. So come and join us on our travels, projects and odds and ends. We welcome your comments and feedback, ┬áLet the adventures begin!